Pathway Family Worship Guide

Pathway Family Worship Guide  

  1. Time and place:
Choose a day of the week (Sunday if possible) and a time that best fits for you family. Do not exceed one hour.  But within the hour, mix things up with singing, sharing, explaining, and praying for each other.  You will be amazed at how fast the time goes.
  1. Have a reading plan.
Chose a plan of reading your Bible. If you are following the Gospel Project the chapters and verses are laid out for you.  If not, choose a book of the Bible to go through together.  If you have small children, keep it simple with Psalms or New Testament examples such as stories.  Children can follow story lines.  So use appropriate readings like Ruth or Esther, or even the parables of Jesus.  With older kids, you can just go through a book of the Bible.
  1. Involve the family.
Every family member who can read should have a Bible to follow along. Set the tone by reading Scripture with expression, tone and emphasis like you were reading the words of a play.  Share the reading with members of your family and help them read with emphasis.  You will have to help them pronounce certain words, and even explain what they mean. Read and prepare yourself ahead of time. You might provide explanations of the material as you read certain passages.

Fear Not! And Don’t Panic!

There is no reason that Christians should fear. Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My Righteous Right Hand.  

  1. Respond with Faith – We trust in God

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Below you will find a great resource for family reading and gifting. It comes from Chuck Colson’s website listed below and was written by Eric Metaxas. Let me encourage you to go to their website which has outstanding resources for navigate our culture in these difficult times. Eric is an excellent author and I encourage you to read anything he writes.
Blessings, Pastor Mike

Pathway On The Move

We are so excited to have purchased our own church facility.  We are currently working on our design and building plans, as well as our use permits.  In the mean time, we have been blessed to be able to use the beautiful chapel at Mount Vernon Memorial Park at 8201 Greenback Lane in Fair Oaks.  We are continuing to have both our Classic and Modern Weekend Services on Sundays and 9 and 10:30 am.  There’s plenty of parking to the left of the Chapel.  You can follow the painted crosswalk if you need to use the ramp to enter the building.   Restrooms and drinking water are available in the lobby.  Please do not bring food or drinks (except water) into the chapel.  
We have KidZone programming during our Modern Service at 10:30.  The Nursery (6 months to 2 years) is located at the north-west entrance of the main chapel.  Signs are posted.  KidZone Children’s Church (Pre-school to 5th Grade) is located in the Small Chapel which is at the west end of the main Mount Vernon building.  Signs are posted there as well.  Please sign your kids in at the check-in table, and  leave your cell phone number so we can reach you during the service if needed.  
Our Junior High students have their Sunday School class as well.  They can join their parents for the opening, worship music portion of the Modern Service, and then they are dismissed during the greeting time to go to class, which is next to Children’s Church in the main building.  Their Sunday school teacher and the KidZone check-in attendant will direct them to their classroom.
Bulletins, communication/prayer cards and offering envelopes are all available at the back of the chapel.  You can ask an usher for assistance.  The credit card machine is also there and available to use for offering.   If you donate to Pathway directly through your bank, please update your bank with the new mailing address below. 
Church office hours are varied during this transition, but the church phone number has not changed.  Please feel free to contact the staff at 916-988-2390.  The church’s new location and mailing address is 8999 Greenback Lane, Orangevale, CA 95662. 
Thank you all for being patient and faithful during this critical transition.  We strongly encourage you to stay connected and continue attending our Weekend Services as well as  joining a LifeGroup.  It is important for us to do life together.  We have plenty of small group resources available.  Contact Leanne in the office to gain access to materials or RightNow Media.  
May God bless you and yours as He continues to provide for and bless Pathway Fellowship.  

The Greatest Easter Sermon Ever Preached

Was by 
John Chrysostom (349-407), the early church’s famed preacher and archbishop of Constantinople at the great Church of Holy Wisdom (Built by the early Christians, nowt aken over by Islam as if it were there own creation, the Hagia Sophia in what is now called Istanbul). Read more…

A Testimony of Faith

Every once in a while, I meet someone who has a tremendous testimony of God working in their lives, in spite of all the praying-woman-silhouettedifficulties.  When I received this one from Kirsten A., written so well, I was so blessed that I just had to share it with you (with her permission).


“In my application essay, I recounted how my journey overcoming complex regional pain syndrome led to my current desire to become a physician assistant.  Though perhaps compelling, and while completely true, there is another story that parallels and underpins that story — one I believe to be of infinitely greater worth:  how God used my pain and brokenness to soften my heart to His Truth.


“God wants to give us something, but cannot, because our hands are full — there’s nowhere for Him to put it,” writes St. Augustine (City of God).  This is not to deny God’s omnipotence, but rather an affirmation of our free will.  It was particularly true of my situation prior to my illness.  Being raised in a loving but secular home, I found no shortage of worldly things with which to occupy my time when I later lived in Los Angeles as an adult.  Notions of a higher power were, to me, irrelevant at worst and charmingly intellectual at best.  When the pain began, however, I quickly learned that the things I held up as necessities really were not.  What mattered beyond all else was the love and support of my family and friends.  Most reluctantly, I entered a new life physically and spiritually.


In response to what I now recognize was prompting from my grandmother and the Holy Spirit, I began reading the Bible.  As I read, God placed key believers in my life.  Through prayer, revelation, and loving discipleship, I placed my faith in Jesus Christ.  I still remember lying awake one night, tears streaming down my face, asking the Lord how he could forgive me for every shameful thing I had ever done.  Today I know that the answer is repentance and the blood of Christ given through unfathomable grace.  On June 9th 2013, I was baptized by my pastor in the American River.


What I initially perceived to be the most disastrous event in my life was actually a great blessing.  CS Lewis writes, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world” (The Problem of Pain).  I rejoice in the Lord for His perfect plans, and for those who have and continue to guide me along the path.  How blessed we are to have such a faithful Father!  If anyone sees any light in me, it is because of the love of Jesus Christ.  Though I fall short daily, I strive to love and serve others where they are in life, so that they too may know the true joy of God’s love for them.


In my daily life, I endeavor to seek first His kingdom and to listen to the still, small voice of the Spirit.  It is often challenging.  I have noticed that it is easy to feel connected and loving when things are pleasant.  It is quite another to do so in the midst of time pressures, hostile patients, cramped and hot working conditions, and loosely restrained chaos.  Many of my patients face extremely difficult home, health, and financial situations, the frustration from which is often directed towards staff in the form of verbal and, at times, physical abuse as we make efforts to help.  Slow referrals processes, understaffing, and endless insurance procedures act to further complicate the situation for these patients.  I have learned, and am still learning, to put my anxieties and frustrations before God, that I may lean on Him to serve each individual with diligence and humility.


Prayer and fellowship are invaluable.  I’ve found that it is now natural for me to speak with God throughout the day — thanking, asking, listening, praising in silent song — my heart is drawn to Him because He is the only one who can truly satisfy it.  I also benefit from fellowship through my church, participating in women’s bible study groups as well as a Middle East missions training program.


Above all other paths, I want to follow the one God wants uniquely for me.  I believe He has led me to serve as a physician assistant.  God willing, I will walk with discernment through whichever door He opens, wherever that may lead.”   Kirsten A.


Soli Deo Gloria! Pastor Mike