Global Missionaries Supported by Pathway

The following teams and people are those we support financially & prayerfully at Pathway through the support of Faith Promises.  You’ll notice a number of missionaries around the world, some we’ve supported for years and some just recently.  The World Outreach team prays each year about who to support through the money God provides.  If you’d like to send any notes to or want any more information on any of the missionaries, please email us & someone from the team will get in touch with you!

Neal & Danielle Carlstrom, Madagascar

The Red Island Project. The Carlstroms have heard the call to misCarlstromsions and are focusing their lives, faith, and service to the Island of Madagascar. We are working hands on with the Malagasy people to reconcile people, health, and forests back to Christ.  Neal is working closely with Eden Projects to address the devastating deforestation that compounds their impoverished land.  Danielle is working side by side with local women to provide a safe and educational environment in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  This work is an avenue to share the hope in Christ with the people of Madagascar.


Muslim Outreach, Bangladesh  


Since the 2002-vision to go somewhere in the 10- 40 window, Pathway has partnered with a number of evangelists in Bangladesh to share the gospel by planting a number of house churches in Dhaka and surrounding areas.  Pathway supports 30 local evangelists.  The biggest ministry in Bangladesh is prayer.  In August 2004, Pathway sent a prayer team of 12 to pray for the leaders of the church .  This is a cutting edge, high risk, outreach movement, and its leaders are constantly in danger from radical Muslim

Sophy Lun, Cambodia


Cambodia Christian Methodist Association (CCMA)-CCMA is an organization working with the government in the area of legality.  CCMA is also representing the Wesleyan community in Cambodia Pastor Sophy recently left the Methodist Church in Cambodia as they were not allowing him the freedom to fulfill his calling.  Pastor Sophy and his family have gone back to their home town of Siem Reap and have plans to plant a church.  Currently they are beginning with a child care facility in their home.

Ron Miller, Ba’an Immanuel, Thailand

Ron Miller is involved with the Ba’an Immanuel orphanages in Chaing Ria Thailand.  Their chief focus is buying children from child prostitution rings and then bringing them to Christ while at the orphanage.  With these saved children they also do extensive outreach, as well as church planting in the surrounding areas.  Many are coming to Christ through the ministry being done at Ba’an Immanuel orphanage.  They finished building the dormitory which now serves as housing for all the children and staff and visitors.  Several members of our congregation went on the 2006-mission trip to Thailand.  Please do not hesitate to ask them about their experiences.


Doug & Linda Towne, Wycliffe Bible Translators


Doug and Linda Towne serve in Mexico translating the Bible for the Miztec people in Southern Mexico.  Due to health problems, they are currently back in the states, but continue translating the Bible for the Miztec.