Walk By Faith Wednesday’s

While we are "wandering in the wilderness", we have missed regular fellowship and teaching outside of Sunday mornings.  The Venkataya family has graciously opened their home in Orangevale on Wednesday nights to help fill that need!  We now have the opportunity for midweek fellowship and programming for all ages!  The evening begins at 5 pm for the Women and their "Journey" Bible study series.  At 6 pm, the rest of us will arrive and drop off a potluck item in the kitchen.  At 6:15 we will have a time of worship and prayer and then dinner begins at 6:30.  There are outdoor and indoor areas to eat and fellowship before classes begin at 7 pm.  Pastor Mike will be teaching a Discipleship Class for adults, Thomas Dixon will be teaching an Apologetics class for adults, Joseph Jacobs will be teaching a Biblical 12-steps class for adults, and the children will be studying 1 John as well as playing some games and making some crafts.  This will be a fun evening every week to build relationships, dive into God's Word and create unity as we prepare for the move into the Mansion!  Please join us and get involved!

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